Saturday, April 13, 2013

.Spring is here!!!!!

+Hello friends:

What a beautiful day, the sun is out, and we can see lots of green grass.

We have a lot of projects at once.  I usually try to space my orders, but when I get behind, its hard to catch up.  I have been painting a darling little desk, (pictures soon),  but tonight I'm trying to figure out what to do with a huge "clothe's drying rack"  very earthy and old.  It could be an herb drying rack, or whatever you like.  Also, I found in my morning travels a cute set of cobalt dishes, cute, an old map  (I have a project going with the maps already).

I apologize I don't have pictures yet, but my map project is almost done.

Have a wonderful Sunday, here is some inspiration:

I love maps this is from Pottery Barn.  I have done coasters, and shades with old maps:

Some of the custom work for a customer.  She wanted numbers, maps, and six french knobs.